Saturday, February 23, 2008

Renewed interest in eBay

I have been a member of ebay for 3 years now. When I started out, I was selling to tickets to various concerts and some sporting events. I would buy tickets right away from ticketmaster for concerts that would sell out, then I would post them on ebay and sell them for a profit. After a little bit of learning, I was able to make quite a bit of money doing this. After about a year of that I grew tired of it and stopped using ebay all together for about a year or so. Well now my interest has defitinitley grown. I made 2oo bucks recently selling some stuff that I don't even use.

- Old Telus Moto Razr cellphone - $40
- Fido Moto Krzr cellphone that I'm not using cause I have an iPhone - $130
- iPhone case that I used for one day then didn't like it - $10
- Another iPhone case that I ordered online then didn't want to wait for it to arrive so I bought it in the store - $15

I love selling stuff, but as the commercial says, it's more fun when you win it.

- Vancouver Canucks return address labels - $6
- Another iPhone case that I'm not going to use - $9
- Blackberry case for my mom - $8
- USB printer cord cause the damn printer didn't come with one - $6
- T-mobile $30 prepaid sim card with 150 mins for when I'm in the States instead of paying so much damn roaming charges - $8
- Apple iWork '08 cause I'm getting a Mac - $60

Not bad considering the shipping costs are included in the prices above. My dream is to find some kind of product, scheme, or idea that I can sell on ebay and do that as my job. Anyways, gonna see if I can find anymore junk in the house that I can unload.

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