Friday, February 8, 2008

Easiest way to add NES ROMs to your iPhone

I am posting this guide because I haven't really been able to find a simple straightforward guide to do so. There was an easier way to do so previously which was the source but that doesn't work anymore.


Programs needed on your iphone (through installer):

-BSD Subsystem

If you are not sure if you have these or not, go to installer, then to uninstall and it will list the programs you have.


Programs needed on your computer:

- If you are using a PC - WinSCP - - free download

- If you are using a mac - - I believe the process is the same


There is like 900 available. Extract each of the roms to a special folder so you can manage them easier. You can also rename the rom files - Super Mario Bros 3 is listed as smb3 and thats how it will show on the phone unless you change the name.

Putting them on the iphone:

- Connect your iphone to the computer
- Open the program WinSCP

- Once WinSCP is open it will be asking you for a host name. This is the ip address.
- To get this - On your iphone - tap settings, wi-fi, then the blue arrow ( > ) for your network.

-Back to WinSCP
- Enter the enter the user name and password
--User name - root

--Password - alpine

these are the defaults

- Then hit login and be patient, the first time you login will take about 30 secs, an error message may pop up saying it’s been waiting for more than 15 secs, keep waiting and it will be fine. Once you are logged in, you will see the folders of your iphone.

- Next steps - Open the folder ‘media’

- create new folder ‘ROMs’

- Open the folder ‘ROMs’create new folder ‘NES’
folder names are case sensitive.

- Last step - On the left side of the WinSCP window go to the folder where you have saved the roms, drag each one over and hit copy.

- Once you are done, tap the nes icon on your iphone, then start playing. Takes a bit of time to get used to the controls, but it is fun.

There you have it, enjoy!


Justin said...

or you could do something 100 times easier and just add to your sources and download big boss' pack under games.

Anonymous said...

didn't work for me...when i open NES on my phone it says "No NES ROMs found. Please upload ROMs to /var/mobile/Media/ROMs/NES"