Saturday, February 2, 2008

I love this phone

I've had my iPhone now for about two weeks. Ended up buying it off craigslist. It is the 1.1.2 firmware and I'm using turbo sim with it to make it work. I'm on the fido network. I just hope that rogers/fido comes out with an unlimited data plan soon.

Anyways, this is absolutely the best phone of all time. It does everything. The user experience with it is phenomenal. I love the touch screen, it is so easy to use. Sending text messages is so easy too. The keyboard is great, I can type so fast with it using on one finger. I get all my e-mail on it and I even installed Nintendo games on it.

If you live in Canada, I suggest you look on craigslist or ebay and get one of these ASAP. It's expensive but it is the best toy you will ever own. Get out of telus and bell and come to rogers or fido, it's worth it. Don't wait for rogers to bring it to Canada, it's not gonna happen for a long time.

I love my iphone.

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