Thursday, February 28, 2008

GSM rules

I recently switched to Fido from Telus after being with them for 8 years. The main reason was I signed a 3 yr contract with telus, got the Moto Q, didn't like the phone, website says 30 day return policy, but doesn't say that isn't on data phones. At the time 4mb per month was useless. So i cancelled the contract, paid the $700 ecf, complained, got the $700 refunded after I had already switched to fido and got an iPhone (2nd reason). Also cancelled home phone with telus because of their $5 long distance admin fee. Using shaw home phone now, no probs at all but tomorrow im porting my home phone # to fido tomorrow to get an iPhone for my wife and another EPP plan. Fido has been great so far. Fido will be even better once they adopt the tier data plan pricing - hopefully next month. When I travel to the States, I'm going to be using a t-mobile prepaid sim instead of paying roaming. GSM rules.

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