Thursday, February 28, 2008

GSM rules

I recently switched to Fido from Telus after being with them for 8 years. The main reason was I signed a 3 yr contract with telus, got the Moto Q, didn't like the phone, website says 30 day return policy, but doesn't say that isn't on data phones. At the time 4mb per month was useless. So i cancelled the contract, paid the $700 ecf, complained, got the $700 refunded after I had already switched to fido and got an iPhone (2nd reason). Also cancelled home phone with telus because of their $5 long distance admin fee. Using shaw home phone now, no probs at all but tomorrow im porting my home phone # to fido tomorrow to get an iPhone for my wife and another EPP plan. Fido has been great so far. Fido will be even better once they adopt the tier data plan pricing - hopefully next month. When I travel to the States, I'm going to be using a t-mobile prepaid sim instead of paying roaming. GSM rules.

Fido EPP plan

If you are with fido, get this immediatley! What a deal

Fido EPP plan :

$17.50 Fido EPP Package
* 200 weekday minutes
* Unlimited evening and weekend minutes starting 5pm

More info here:

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Renewed interest in eBay

I have been a member of ebay for 3 years now. When I started out, I was selling to tickets to various concerts and some sporting events. I would buy tickets right away from ticketmaster for concerts that would sell out, then I would post them on ebay and sell them for a profit. After a little bit of learning, I was able to make quite a bit of money doing this. After about a year of that I grew tired of it and stopped using ebay all together for about a year or so. Well now my interest has defitinitley grown. I made 2oo bucks recently selling some stuff that I don't even use.

- Old Telus Moto Razr cellphone - $40
- Fido Moto Krzr cellphone that I'm not using cause I have an iPhone - $130
- iPhone case that I used for one day then didn't like it - $10
- Another iPhone case that I ordered online then didn't want to wait for it to arrive so I bought it in the store - $15

I love selling stuff, but as the commercial says, it's more fun when you win it.

- Vancouver Canucks return address labels - $6
- Another iPhone case that I'm not going to use - $9
- Blackberry case for my mom - $8
- USB printer cord cause the damn printer didn't come with one - $6
- T-mobile $30 prepaid sim card with 150 mins for when I'm in the States instead of paying so much damn roaming charges - $8
- Apple iWork '08 cause I'm getting a Mac - $60

Not bad considering the shipping costs are included in the prices above. My dream is to find some kind of product, scheme, or idea that I can sell on ebay and do that as my job. Anyways, gonna see if I can find anymore junk in the house that I can unload.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


My iPhone has been unlocked with turbosim since the day I got it. It was 1.1.2 otb. Well once 1.1.3 came out I was interested in updating it which I did using the ijailbreakmobile method. So I had a 1.1.3 still using turbosim. Well I wanted to get rid of the turbosim so I could switch out the sim card easier. Now my iPhone is fully unlocked with the help of Ziphone. It can't get any easier.
Here's what I did:
1. Restored my iPhone to 1.1.3 in iTunes.
2. Ran Ziphone 2.4

Now my phone is totally unlocked and I couldn't be happier. Everythig works perfectly, no problems at all.

Give it a try.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Easiest way to add NES ROMs to your iPhone

I am posting this guide because I haven't really been able to find a simple straightforward guide to do so. There was an easier way to do so previously which was the source but that doesn't work anymore.


Programs needed on your iphone (through installer):

-BSD Subsystem

If you are not sure if you have these or not, go to installer, then to uninstall and it will list the programs you have.


Programs needed on your computer:

- If you are using a PC - WinSCP - - free download

- If you are using a mac - - I believe the process is the same


There is like 900 available. Extract each of the roms to a special folder so you can manage them easier. You can also rename the rom files - Super Mario Bros 3 is listed as smb3 and thats how it will show on the phone unless you change the name.

Putting them on the iphone:

- Connect your iphone to the computer
- Open the program WinSCP

- Once WinSCP is open it will be asking you for a host name. This is the ip address.
- To get this - On your iphone - tap settings, wi-fi, then the blue arrow ( > ) for your network.

-Back to WinSCP
- Enter the enter the user name and password
--User name - root

--Password - alpine

these are the defaults

- Then hit login and be patient, the first time you login will take about 30 secs, an error message may pop up saying it’s been waiting for more than 15 secs, keep waiting and it will be fine. Once you are logged in, you will see the folders of your iphone.

- Next steps - Open the folder ‘media’

- create new folder ‘ROMs’

- Open the folder ‘ROMs’create new folder ‘NES’
folder names are case sensitive.

- Last step - On the left side of the WinSCP window go to the folder where you have saved the roms, drag each one over and hit copy.

- Once you are done, tap the nes icon on your iphone, then start playing. Takes a bit of time to get used to the controls, but it is fun.

There you have it, enjoy!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

I love this phone

I've had my iPhone now for about two weeks. Ended up buying it off craigslist. It is the 1.1.2 firmware and I'm using turbo sim with it to make it work. I'm on the fido network. I just hope that rogers/fido comes out with an unlimited data plan soon.

Anyways, this is absolutely the best phone of all time. It does everything. The user experience with it is phenomenal. I love the touch screen, it is so easy to use. Sending text messages is so easy too. The keyboard is great, I can type so fast with it using on one finger. I get all my e-mail on it and I even installed Nintendo games on it.

If you live in Canada, I suggest you look on craigslist or ebay and get one of these ASAP. It's expensive but it is the best toy you will ever own. Get out of telus and bell and come to rogers or fido, it's worth it. Don't wait for rogers to bring it to Canada, it's not gonna happen for a long time.

I love my iphone.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sick setup!

I've been wanting to show off my two 22 inch dell monitors. Makes for a sick setup. Especially for multitabling. But is also good to have e-mail open on one, webpages on the other, or iTunes, etc. Had to get a new video card to support the 2nd monitor though. Was quite a hassle. I have the inspiron slim tower desktop computer from dell which I thought supported 2 monitors but it didn't. So I had to take apart the computer and parts off the old video card, and the new video card in order to get it to fit. Well, I must say I am very pleased how things turned out. Check out the pics.