Friday, March 7, 2008


Since I got my iPhone, I began to have a heightened awareness of Mac’s and other Apple products. So much so, that I have already decided to get an iMac. I will be getting the 24” model. That will probably happen later this month after another payday or two. Mac’s are a lot more expensive than PC’s but they just seem so much more fun to use and user friendly.

I’m Already looking forward to the creations I will make in iPhoto and iWeb. I even bought a copy of iWork 08’ off ebay in advance of the actual iMac purchase. I’ve been reading magazines and websites about Macs and Apple in general and it’s getting me very excited. I’ve only had my new Dell for 3 months now am I’m ready to scrap it. Well I will try and recover some of the costs from it.

My hesitation with getting or even looking into Macs for the better part of my life has been the misconception that no programs even work on a Mac and I thought the internet was like some special AOL thing or something when browsing from a Mac. I’m looking forward to docking my iPhone right alongside my iMac.

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