Saturday, January 19, 2008


I finally got my iphone yesterday and I must say that I am so happy. It is the coolest thing of all time. I can't believe how neat all the features of the phone are, not to mention the ipod and internet on it. I don't think it's ever coming to Canada, oh well, I got mine. I will post some pics of it soon.

I haven't played much poker since my last post. In fact the only time I played was in the pokerXfactor subscriber tourney a few days ago. Busted out fairly early, wasn't disappointed though, I knew I was ahead after his raise on the flop but he hit his flush.

here's the hand history

I have my dual-monitor setup now too and it is nice, can't do without it now. Haven't multi-tabled on it yet, but I plan to put in a good session when I feel like it. Will post some pics of the set up too.

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